U.N.C.L.E. Cartoons

THE SPIRIT, 1966 — At the height of the comics and spies craze in 1966, Harvey Comics launched a new “Spirit” comic book that lasted only two issues. It consisted mostly of reprints from the famous Spirit Sunday sections of the 1940s, with a bit of new material by The Spirit’s creator, comics genius Will Eisner.

A text page featured a purported interview with The Spirit himself, who claimed that his old nemesis The Octopus had formed “a super syndicate that now has control of SMERSH, SPECTRE, THRUSH, and a few of the smaller independents.” The Spirit admitted he had known James Bond for years and pulled him out of trouble more than once. He also noted that “the U.N.C.L.E. boys have been very effective — but don’t forget, they work on salary — they’re always worrying that they might get fired. It’s awful to be so security minded; it kills initiative.”

In a new, very short story, The Spirit was visited by a mad inventor trying to sell him superspy gadgetry that can be hidden in his hat, mask and gloves. However...